Let's Take Survey (LTS) is an outbound call center with both Office-based & Home-based employment offering surveying positions, mostly in the political realm.

We have extremely flexible schedules because we understand that not everyone has the availability to leave the house and work a multi-hour shift.  Our Home-based programs allows the flexibility to work when & where and for as little or much as you can.


Our Phoenix office has an incredibly positive environment with comparable schedule flexibility. We take pride in being the #1, "2nd Chance Employer", in Phoenix, believing everyone deserves a chance at a better life and desirable career.



You are emailed each day with the start time and project details. Login to the AGENT PORTAL, select the Dialer, enter your username and password and get ready to start taking calls.


The survey calls will come quickly and consistently via our state of the art dialer technology.  Next, just ask the questions on the screen and record the answers you received by the registered voters from who we collect the data.


At the end of the pay period, your total login hours are tallied.  You can pick up a check or receive direct deposit on the 1st & 15th of each month

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